Building A Passion in the Dry Times By Guest Blogger Sabra

Hi everyone! I feel like I should explain a little more of my story before I jump into this post. I’ve only been a Christian for about 6 years now. And to be honest, after the initial 2 year “OMG I LOVE CHRIST AND WANT TO LEARN EVERYTHING” mountain, I started letting college get in the way of my personal times and then my prayer times and slowly I realized that I wasn’t even having a sporadic quiet time, I was having no quiet time. I was going to church, active in my college ministry & bible study, but not doing anything on  my own. With all the craziness of college, my fire for Christ was slowly burning out. Everything I was doing felt more like a check on my checklist than actually growing in Christ, and I knew I had to change it. It isn’t the easiest thing to change right away. It takes focus, intention, and just plain getting through it to slowly blow the weakening embers into to fire.

1| Schedule a Quiet time

And no matter if you have all the time in the world, or a to do list a mile long, spend 30 minutes reading your bible & in prayer. Make yourself, do it every single day. At first, it is going to stress you out, then it is slowly going to become the best part of your day!

2| Journal about It

Not everything in the bible that you read during your quiet time is going to blow your mind. But it you think and meditate on something that puzzles you, or stood out to you, it can become something more. This is also a great way to be able to concentrate on your prayers is to be able to write them down and stream your thoughts.

3| Pray for Others

I think a major reason that a dry spell with Christ happens because you get too focused on yourself. Me, Me, Me leaves no room for Christ. Pray for others & tell God, why you think He is amazing.

4| Take it Somewhere New

Trying to sit at your desk or somewhere where you can see your giant to do list is not going to help you focus. Take your bible outside, to a coffee shop, or snuggle in your bed. Just relax.

5| Read Something New

Sometimes just reading the Bible isn’t what is going to grow you. Yes, it should be the foundation of your growth, but sometimes you need something else to see where you need to grow the most. I enjoy reading other spiritual-based books. Something from Jerry Bridges or Francis Chan is always amazing.

6| Think about What You are Singing

Worship time at church can be a singers favorite time to let your talent shine. But what if you were silent instead and really thought about the words that are coming out of everyones mouth. Do you follow through with them?

I hope these tips can help you like they have helped me. I know I still struggle with a perfect study time, but I know that I am constantly having to grow in Christ throughout life and sometimes you just have to dig yourself out of a slump.

Have you ever struggled with a quiet time?

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