California Dreaming - August Goals

This month has been so surreal, it's enraptured all of what California should be for us which mean's we've spent a lot of time not discussing Military things and simply just living as normal citizens. Our weekends have been filled with trips to listen to the crashing waves at many beaches, many trips to Ikea, restaurants galore, friend time galore. We've almost lived like tourists in our current state because, well, we really are and we know time is slowly going tick-tock on the timer here in California. 

Many milestones have passed this month, Emma turned 5, I turned 30, we had our 9 year anniversary and this 1st of August marks our last August here in California. Today, I host my last Fashion Show at work the realization of "this is it" has hit on so many things but especially at work. In less than 12 weeks our household goods will leave and in less than 16 weeks we will be off to an unknown location. 

So we have less than 16 weeks to soak up this California dream, adventure and the amazing people we've lived life with. When we came here we had just experienced 3 years of life altering change with each other alone and now we've experienced multiple changes yet again with such an amazing community by our sides that it will make this the hardest place to leave. 

In order to stay present here are my August Goals: 

  • Be still and live life with each of my friends as if we weren't moving. 
  • Take care of my needs, with moving this can get hectic. 
  • Be okay with where ever the Air Force sends us. 
  • Be present with Emma as she starts school. 
  • Soak up everything God has wanted me to learn in this Desert scenery. 
  • Travel like my Bucket List is on fire. 
  • Enjoy the end & final time of many things