Currently Reading (August 2016)

Typically I haven't had time to read and if I did it was literally 1 book a year. Since I am in a season of rebuilding and healing I wanted to share with you all what I am reading. I know it will seem like I am currently reading a lot of books, but mostly I put down and pick up when feel ready again and some I've had to move to the on deck pile because I was reading too much at once. 

Currently on my Nightstand: 

What I think so far: 

Rising Strong: This is the book that you have to read a chapter, let it process and then read that same chapter it again. There is so much truth and reason in this book I definitely recommend that everyone reads this book.
How'd I find out about the book: I am thankful that my sweet friend Lindsey gave this to me. 

Girls with Swords: I feel like I've been in this book forever, and it's actually, because I have been (started this in February). I read a chapter, let it sink in and put it down. This book is a call to put your spiritual armor on and right now I am rebuilding so yes, I have armor...but right now I don't have a sword out. ;)
How'd I find out about the book: This book came recommended by my spiritual counselor 

Writing to Heal: This book was mentioned in Rising Strong so I picked it up. This book is fairly new to me, but it talks about encompassing just 15-20 minutes writing a SSF (Sh*tty first draft). I am hoping this helps me get unstuck in writing and also heal at the same time.

The Drama of the Gifted Child: Ever feel like you come from a royally screwed up family? If so, this is for you...just kidding. This book talks about how the child becomes gifted at playing the role whenever needed and learning how to adapt (even in unspeakable situations) by becoming numb and how that child has become a successful adult but yet still feels empty. This book for me is like reading 7 pages, then feeling cut to the core so I stop...then picking it up again when feeling like I can handle the next 7 pages. It's a lot of work to look at yourself and how you grew up and that's basically what you're doing in the book. 
How'd I find out about the book: My physiologist recommended it to me. 

Girl Defined: God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity: I started reading this book on my way home from Utah in June. I picked it up because it speaks into God's design for women, not society says. 
How'd I find out about the book: I picked it up at Barnes and Noble while perusing during my time alone in Utah. (Imagine that this book lover, in a book store while alone...LOL) 

Books on Deck: 

Have a book you recommend? Leave it in the comments below.