Killing the Superwoman Persona

Can we talk a moment, you know, like, all open and honest? Let's open our eyes, our hearts and lets just be right where we are at....

Phew... now that we got that out of the way and we are slowly breathing in and out I want to talk to you and let you know a secret, I am not Superwoman. Gasp! Big disappointment right? Well, hold on I have one more possible disappointment so don't choke on your drink just yet, here it is... I am also not anywhere near her super power status either. 

I am an average woman, who works a sometimes life consuming job, I have two young kids and yes, my husband is overseas right now (for what is now starting to feel like forever). I have volunteered on a few faith based networks online, I also volunteer at our current duty station and yes, I do run a freelancing business too. 

I really do not know where this stigma came from or where people began to think I was Superwoman, but it's not only mentioned by those who I know online, but also in day to day life. So, I am here to say, those things above do not make me Superwoman. I started this online venture knowing Jeremy would be leaving and I took a very detailed inventory of where I was at and what I could handle on a day to day and over the ventures I've had to take stock over and over again, just to make sure I was still managing my time with God, prayer and worship well and I wasn't wearing myself thin, even with the unexpected. Even though I did take that inventory there were still some days that have felt like I was walking a tight rope just to handle it all, so just as the seasons are changing so am I and I am letting just a few of those things that have possibly played a factor into the Superwoman persona go.

Here's the thing y'all...

I don't want to be known for what I do. What I want to be known for is how I love The Lord, how he has changed me through multiple pregnancy loss, how I not only speak truth through love, but I also want to encourage and inspire you to action, whether it be to open that dusty old bible of yours again, or to pray or to forgive those who have hurt you, I want to be allotted the time to have real deep relationships with woman, online and face to face. 

So as I walk away from things that have given me this Superwoman persona I want you to know - I am not a perfect Christian, in fact, I am a sinner needing to be saved by grace over and over again. I have many downfalls and hurts that I am learning to heal with the help of God. So, I do not want you to think I have it all together, or that I am Superwoman or that I am Ms. Perfect because I am not, I am simply just me and simply me will be hanging around online as I go through life learning this new season that God has laid upon my heart and I really a hope to see you around so that I can get to know you.