March Goals

- January GOALS UPDATE -

Before we start in on March Goals I want to update you on January goals since those were my
last goals before life went crazy due to the moving, to view my original goals, you can visit here


My God goal in Janaury was to be present & intentional. With moving in January this was really hard because I not only had to plan my move & I also had to say "see you later" to one of the best church's I've ever been to in my life. I've tried to be present in all that he's walking me through with moving - in some aspects I did really well and in other aspects I would like to grow in I failed at, but I know that every day is a new day to grow in those areas. 


Reintegrate was my January goal and I've re-learned that it takes time. There are still moments where I've looked around & thought "WHY are you here?" or "do I know you?" ha! 14.5 months is a long time y'all and we both are not used to running a house together. 


My personal goal was to take care & balance. Balance is key this season and I feel like I did really well with not only taking care and balance. The last time we moved we were dealing with the death of my hospital roommate, the birth and a stressful move back to America so in comparison, I was very aware of my emotions to make sure I wasn't taking care of myself and balancing all of the stress well. 


My goal was to continue to be there during the transition. I feel like it was not as big of a transition for them as it was for me. Yes, they say they miss home and the beach, but in other ways they both have flourished in this new environment. 


My business goal was to seek wisdom from the King after launching my first scripture print line. It was also for his wisdom on when to open again. I quietly had my design only doors open and I actually created my first wedding invitations for a high school friend of mine. It was the coolest thing ever, it made me realize how much I missed designing during the week on my own without working a full time design job. Although, it might be a bit late to launch a Spring  


SEEK HIS KNOWLEDGE & BE ROOTED: Life feels extremely new to me this month for whatever reason, I am thinking that it has to do with our home almost being settled - so I am starting to feel a little more settled in this move process. This month I really want to pray over his plans for me in my day to day life - I want to seek him daily, I don't want to loose gas per say and fizzle out of being in his word daily - I want to be rooted in him & his word so that when life gets super messy or frustrating (which always has a tendency to do) I am turning it to him without wagering or being angry before I seek him. 


FIND A ROUTINE & BE GENTLE WITH MYSELF: I am an introvert who is extremely rough on herself, especially when I fall short. I want to remind myself to be able to be gentle at all times, not just when I fall short. I also need to find a routine in this season, I know that is sometimes hard to do, so I am praying that I find what works for me in this season. 


PRAY MORE OFTEN & GET IN SOME DATE NIGHTS: We prayed while he was gone when we talked, but often times we ran out of time while we were online together, so I really want to get intentional with it. I don't want to focus on our wants or desires, but more so what God has already blessed us with. We also need to get some date nights in...which means trusting people we barely know with the girls, so we will see how that pans out for us this month, but getting in at least 2 date nights is a goal of mine. 


BE PATIENT: We are going through a phase with working to see what works for as parents again and I need to pray over it and be patient in this season as we work things out.  


READY, SET, ACTION!: I know what I want to do and how I want to go about things with my business, it's simply abiding in it and pushing towards an overall end goal.  

TAKE CARE: I started @aftertheloss on Instagram and I am working with officials to get something started on the ground here for the Air Force, but as I am doing that there is another aspect we're working on  that is one on one support. So for myself, I really need to be sure to not only be able to provide the right support during these one on ones, but also be able to take care of myself when I know I need it.

Here's looking to making some if not all of these goals not only for this month, but in the months to come also!