March [2016] goals

It's been a while since I did goals, mainly because of what was going on in my life, which was basically nothing because well I was baking a baby. So in order to help me regain focus and clarity in my life after all that I've been through I am starting fresh. March is going to be my January. You'll see from these goals that a bit has changed and that's okay, I have to start out small and maybe stay small for a while.  


TRUST HIM: Trusting him in his plan. When I am in the thick of a moment of recovery from all that I have been through and I am frustrated, anxious, fearful, straight weeping or rebuilding my self esteem I want to be able to remember that he is for me, not against me and there is a time and a place for everything and that his purpose is all over my life, not just when things are going good. 

COMPLETE A STUDY: Our study on Big Faith by Andy Stanley will be over in a week (which I will be recapping at some point because it was so good and because the timing was perfect). So I want to start the "I Believe" Study from If Equip once it arrives in my mail box.


REBUILD: Obviously I haven't been working out, except for putting a doughnut or a candy bar in my mouth and eating it #realtalk. I want to start off walking at least half a mile 3 out of the 7 days. I am starting off way small here because my body is still recouping from having a C-Section, Hysterectomy and massive blood loss. The doctor said it could take 6 months to a year before I feel normal again. 

FIND PEACE: I also want to change my perspective on how I view my therapy and hematology appointments, instead of fear or frustration I want to have a peace about them, almost expectant that no matter what we work through or find it will be okay.  


FIND MYSELF AGAIN: I am sure this will go hand in hand with recovery in general, but I want to be intentional about removing the lies that I've told myself or feel after loosing my womb. #noteversatan because we all know that he's all over us believing the lies. 


FIND TIME: J leaves this month, so with that I want to carve out time while he's gone to have intentional conversations. By being apart, it can lead me to be #thebosslady and leave me with zero time to let him provide input and I want to make sure I always have it. 



NOT GET DISCOURAGED: Sounds simple right? Just this morning I lost my brand new Noonday necklace....thanks to one of my kiddos it's MIA. In those moments of feeling like "nothing is mine" I often tell myself "you could be doing a lot better at this motherhood thing"... there is no grace or "do you not realize what your family has been through these last two months?" So I want to basically try to stop that mess and realize that boundaries are always growing and so are my children and do something constructive instead of getting down on myself. 


GET PLUGGED IN: I've been doing freelancing jobs for multiple church's since I left my role in late October, but I want to sit down and look at my schedule and see where I can get plugged in at our current church. It might not be leading a team right away, but I want to start helping out this month, I will leave the details in God's hands because he's the one who's created this passion within me.  

SUBMIT WORK: There is this great site that's looking for contributors so I want to submit my work there to help out other church creative ministries. 


GET IT OPEN: Slowly start to open shop to new customers.

REWORK: I would like to rework my site and packages, I feel like 2016 should be different than all other years.  

DECIDE ON: Doing some digital print downloads of scripture and artwork. 


START SHARING: I have over 65 notes from last year that I haven't shared and then I have about 30 or so from just these last few months, I want to start sharing.

NOT TOO MUCH: I want to not live in fear that my story is too much for others.