March [2016] Goals Update



TRUSTING HIM: This is an ongoing thing, I am realizing that I have to truly commit to this every single day. 
COMPLETED A STUDY: We finished the study on Growing Your Faith. The timing of all of it was perfect. I am currently working through the IF:Equip Study. 


NOT SO MUCH REBUILDING: This month was consumed with weekly therapy appointments with three different therapists (one that controls the medications, one talks to me, and one that's a christian counselor that is helping me sort things out spiritually). Although I didn't walk as much as I would have liked, I did cut down on the pizza and doughnut intake though, so that's a step. 
FINDING PEACE: For me there used to be sitgma to going to therapy that involved medication. Mainly because I've seen how it hasn't worked, but I realized that sometimes things in our brain can't bounce back and find the norm again, so the medication is just helping it relearn where to go. There is much more peace in this area than I thought there could ever be.  


A LITTLE OF FINDING MYSELF AGAIN: I am still "lost", nothing feels the same emotionally or physically, but I am learning how to be much kinder to myself during this process. I am also finding hobbies and my balance, it's just going to take some time. 


FOUND TIME: J's been gone. He returns here soon, I am super excited about it. We were able to communicate about a lot of stuff as we navigated his time away, I am assuming time difference had a lot to do with that. 


DID NOT GET DISCOURAGED: I set some new boundaries and a new bedtime that includes a half hour bath time prior and that makes a world of difference. Which allowed me not to get super bummed out when they did not have their listening ears on. 


GOT PLUGGED IN: I did some work this month for our church, it felt good to help with Facebook Ads and the design on things.   
SUBMITTED WORK: HOLLA! I submitted work to them! Check it out here.


DIDN'T GET IT OPEN: Not much change here, didn't get it going as much as I would have liked mainly due to self care. 
DIDN'T REWORK: I have reworked my website this month, so I did not get to the packages.  
DECIDED ON: I will not be making any prints as of right now. I will re-look at this in 5 months. 


DIDN'T START SHARING: I have shared a little bit about life onsnappychat, but I have not edited what I have written. I did design the graphics for it step at a time ;)
STILL TOO MUCH: I am not going to lie, I am still hiding. It's possibly called the denial stage in grief, but whatever. It's a season right? RIGHT :)