Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Weekly appointments at the IVF & Endrocrinology Doctor are starting to wear on me. 
  • I am trying to figure out a schedule for myself that allows me two days off of the internet and phone, rest is important. 
  • Goose and I have had some thoughtful conversations on Suicide since there have been so many around the AF lately. 
  • Suicides break my heart, I just think about the Momma or the wife that gets that news. The guilt they must feel. 
  • I wish the AF could find a way to stop this problem.
  • My sink is currently filled with cups and a large pasta bowl. 
  • Dinners these days have been somewhat of a scavenger hunt, these hot days make you only want to eat popsicles. 
  • I have found lately that I miss my church in California, it's the people I tell ya...they make all the difference.  
  • Speaking of church, our Kids here are rolling off to camp this week. 
  • Camp is near and deep in my heart because that is where I was saved at the age of 15. 
  • I am praying that God does work there in each of those campers and leaders.  
  • Goose and I have been talking about buying a house. 
  • I would love too, I just can't imagine settling down for more than 3 years, a commitment like that scares me.  
  • With that said, I've only lived 1 place more than 3 years. 
  • Speaking of the past, we've been watching civil war footage. 
  • It's crazy to think that my great great Grandfather was a captain in the war and had a plantation.
  • I don't think I will ever understand that era. 
  • We are in the building stages of our Creative Team at Church. 
  • I am pumped to see everyone be able to use each of their strengths and passions. 
  • Doing work for the church in this capacity was not one that I foresaw. 
  • I am glad they sought after me, or else I might have just hid in the pews for a while. 
  • Speaking of Church, Sarah from church/influence network invited me to my first noonday trunk show a month ago. 
  • I love the pieces I bought and found myself wearing them almost every day.
  • I bought the Raja BangleEntwined Bracelet and Etched Bars Bracelet, Gold - I really love all of these pieces. 
  • Speaking of The Influence Network, I have had a lot of ladies from the network follow and unfollow me if I don't auto follow back. 
  • It makes me wonder if we are about the people and not the number of followers. 
  • I have a huge passion about not being just a number on my follow count. 
  • I want it to be more about the person I follow.  
  • It typically takes some sort of interaction for me to follow back, I am noticing. 

Well, that's all that's on my mind today, let's get back to the hustle of work today! 

Jusika Martinez

Tucson, Arizona, USA