Monday Musings // 02.01.16

Holy Baby Batman! It's been since December 7th that I've last updated this thing. I've written a lot since the 7th of December, so slowly it will come up on the blog. 


  • We had Ms. Adeline, C-Section and all. 
  • Y'all I survived, fear and all I have to say it wasn't that bad...
  • Well the after part of the side effects were, but SO worth it. 
  • Adeline turned 1 month old yesterday, HOLY BATMAN! 
  • I often find myself staring at her with deep emotion. 
  • Knowing what we went through + the fact that she's physically my last and just que emotions. 
  • She officially hit 7lbs & 8oz. 
  • I feel like she's a chunky monkey compared to what she was. 
  • There was a point I felt she was so small I just didn't want to dress her, in fear of breaking her. ha! 
  • The girls really like Adeline.
  • They also think she cries a lot, which is true. Hello, late preterm baby and every two hour feedings.


  • It's been a mess of thoughts and feelings. 
  • I always knew hysterectomy was a possibility since we lost Samson in 2011. 
  • I just did not know about the thing called a late postpartum blood hemorrhage, especially 10 days postpartum.  


  • The traveling Airman transitioning for his new job,
  • WHAT the check did I just say?! Yes, he's going to teach, I am so so excited for him.  
  • I also still can't believe we will be in one place that long. 
  • We have eaten out more than I would like to admit, but we've also eaten more food from family + friends that I would also not like to admit because now I have to try to recreate all these great meals. 
  • We've started a study on Growing Your Faith by Andy Stanley with another couple. 
  • We both love it, which is a great thing for us right now. It's a place where we can go and sit without judgement and feel we are there to be challenged, even in this newborn hazy phase. 
  • It is great to see Emma become a big sister even more so. She is constantly wanting to hold the baby, feed the baby and helping. I am so thankful for that, on so many levels. She's experiencing something that I was never able to. 
  • Ellie well, I think she fears the baby because of the noise that comes out of her. 


  • Lately my plate has been 1 prayer, which is let me see His glory in this mess. 
  • Having a child, losing 2 pregnancies, then having another child, then losing another and birthing another to end up having a massive blood hemorrhage and loosing your woman parts is a bit to wrestle with in faith. 
  • God is always good, I keep telling myself that even when I don't feel it.  
  • Sometimes I think we just need to come to him even when we do not have the words. 


  • The shop is closed for now, I am open to the clients that I've already worked with, but no new clients until I feel back to normal. 


  • I was able to sit down via Facetime with another church communicator/creative. 
  • I've never sat down do that, it was basically me listening and offering input on things that could be reworked. 
  • He thought it was helpful.
  • For myself it made me realize that this gift of design and the knowledge & experience that I have I've been given isn't going to be left behind, just given a rest for this season. 
  • Conference season is starting, I wanted to go to two of them, but with how things are right now with my body, I am thinking that 1 is going to be it for now. 
  • My 52 Sundays will look different this year and that's okay.