#OneWord365 - 2015

I feel like I need to be like jazzercising saying "Let's get intentional...i n t e n t i o n a l" with the short shorts like Richard Simmons. (If you can't picture the hilarity in my head right now, don't worry, you'll see below.) But really, my #Oneword365 this year is intentional and it's actually chosen after a lot of prayer and it's laying HEAVY on my heart. In 2013 I felt this "get ready" sense, but I choose the word grace for 2014 so that I could gracefully scoot out of not doing exactly what God has called me to do - it was like I was saying "God, on my time" and BOY did he have a way of easing me into where I didn't want to be (speaking and preaching to others about his grace and my journey). I found myself in more than a few situations where I could only proclaim his name and cry out to him. He showed me so much grace and he showed me how to give grace - which isn't something I've always been good at. 

So as 2014 ended, I found myself sometimes in the pew of my church and sometimes in the comfort of my own just thinking about being ready, being ready to meet Christ - the man who died on a cross for all of my mess and to be real, there were moments where I could easily say "I am not ready, I need to fix this...that or the other or I need to apologize or I just need to repent of my sins - Lord I am not ready" and it was like a wake up call to take inventory quickly of where I need to be or get. I am not saying I have a heap full of crap I need to sort through, but I am a sinner and there are a few things that I hold tightly to that I haven't surrendered - and just in the last month that I've been praying over them he has moved my heart in so many ways and it's lead me to this word, intentional. I want to be intentional with my time with God, about what I think of God during the good and the junk of life, about how I deliver the good news, or how I operate and choose to act in my marriage, how I mother, how I lead not only other women but my two little girls, the friendships I choose and I want to even more intentional with the business that I do - I want things to be done on purpose with a lot of thought and prayer. 

I want to be ready at all times and when I am not I want God to show me how to be ready. I want to know that in the deepest place in my heart that I am ready and that if I am ever in a situation where I have to choose my own life or to die for him, that I choose to die for him and allow myself or my pride to die. I don't want to doubt his path for my life and I definitely want to get over this "I am just Jusika....this small inept person in the world that can't show Christ - or that's afraid to show Christ and the growing he's allowed.

So am I ready?

Well, I am ready to get intentional...
and I am ready to do the work he's called me to do on purpose.