Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness - OC Walk To Remember

On Saturday, October 4, 2014 the girls and I will be driving down to Tustin, California, to participate in Forever Footprints Walk To Remember in remembrance of Max, Ethan and Samson. When I lost Max through Ectopic Pregnancy at Aviano Air Base in North East Italy I was given a pamphlet and wheeled out after surgery, there wasn't any support on how to cope during the aftermath of loss. One year later when I found out Ethan's heart stopped beating & would go into the surgery for a D&C on the same date as I lost Max I wasn't given anything information either. As crazy as it sounds, I turned to blogging and I searched online for information on what I was going through. See, the Military does not have any resources tailored to Pregnancy & Infant Loss, I not-simply had to learn to navigate that dark road alone. 

When we lost Samson through Ectopic Pregnancy last September in Lancaster, California, I figured I knew what it was like, but I still expected at least a piece of paper or a photo of my baby since that's at least what I got while being stationed overseas, but I did not get either. But the grand thing is, there is the internet and one of the nights that I was searching for information and reasoning for my second ectopic pregnancy, I found OC Walk To Remember/Forever Footprints and I look too far into it because it was far. Then a friend suggested it to me a few months later and after truly looking at their walk and their site I knew this was something that my family would do as long as we were here in California. We strongly believe in what they do, which is offer support, give education (to medical staff & parents) and give us a way to remember the sweet sweet footprints that have danced ever so sweetly upon our hearts. We hope that throughout time that OC Walk To Remember/Forever Footprints expands to help everyone across California, then the United States, and hopefully one day on a Military Installation near you.

See, that's the thing here folks, those of us who are Military Spouses who experience loss are usually dealt with at a local hospital (or sometimes even at the hospital on base if we are overseas) that usually do not have the resources to help us cope or educate us about our loss or have the right individuals with the right education to help care for you. We need something like this and that is why we want to support them in every way that we can and that is why we are walking to remember our sweet babies who've we've lost, so that we can support this organization and the moms in whom it provides services to, will you help us? We've set up a donation page and our goal is $1,000...$1,000 to help this organization provide vital services and comfort to those who've lost.  

Click the image below to donate, even if it's just $5.00.