September Goals

Here is a small little update from August Goals: 

  • Be still and live life with each of my friends as if we weren't moving. 

    • UPDATE: Well, that didn't go very well this month. I feel with Emma starting school, me being sick from the medication and just being exhausted I didn't do well at this. 

  • Take care of my needs, with moving this can get hectic. 

    • UPDATE: This I did well at, I made sure I was in bed at a decent hour and that if I needed time after work before picking up the girls I made the time for myself. 

  • Be okay with where ever the Air Force sends us. 

    • UPDATE: I don't think it's hit that we're moving because life feels like it is charging straight at me. Overall, as I look to get more information from the gaining base I am not feeling comfortable with it as everything seems to be under lock & key. 

  • Be present with Emma as she starts school. 

    • UPDATE: I am on it like white on rice! Reading, writing, colors, shapes...we're learning it all. 

  • Soak up everything God has wanted me to learn in this Desert scenery. 

    • UPDATE: Ugh...feel that? That yuckyness? I feel like I'm being tested on the things I've learned in this desert when it comes to dealing with people. Pray for me on this.

  • Travel like my Bucket List is on fire. 

    • UPDATE: Read #1 Goal...I've been sick and simply trying to survive, I have sadly not traveled at all. We did go to the fair...for the first time since living here, that was fun! 

  • Enjoy the end & final time of many things. 

    • UPDATE: I feel like it's not time to finish a few things or this hasn't truly happened yet. 

September Goals...drum roll please! 

  1. Host a Woman's Bible Study - Online or in my Home. 
  2. Be at peace as Samson's Heaven Date (9 September) comes around. I've been ugly cry emotional when it comes to his heaven date. 
  3. Do not overbook myself, my goal is to limit myself so that I am not so exhausted. 
  4. Spend more time on Self Care 
  5. Launch Fall Line for Life As The Artist
  6. Start Worship Wednesday Link up on the Blog
  7. Continue to read the bible, pray, worship and fast as things start to get busy I tend to slip or miss a day.