The Semi-Sort of a Plan?

If you follow me on Instagram, most of you know I went to my first OB appointment that was specifically geared towards having a baby, yes, you read that right... having a baby! Get's you excited right? Well, it actually made me super stressed to the point I didn't sleep the night before, I literally got like 4 hours of sleep. So, as I drove the two hours down to Woodland Hills, California anxious as all hell listening to these songs on repeat... (listen and just let those words, sink in as you continue to read). 

As I got there I was prepared with a notebook in hand to take notes, knowing that even if we did try again that that we might lose another, really that's a reality here. So, as we reviewed my chart yet again, she reminded me that 1 and 4 pregnancies are not viable. She also reminded me that it is doable and not crazy. Yes, there is a chance for another loss, another ectopic and a uterine rupture, but it's doable under the proper monitoring. As we moved into the physical examination, we noticed some pain where the surgery was done almost one year wasn't excruciating, but it was painful. With everything noted, we set out a game plan in order to prepare me to have another baby. As of Tuesday I started a new medication plus additional supplements, I will continue on these for another 6 weeks. During these 6 weeks I will be taking blood tests to get a baseline of all of my counts. In 6 weeks I will go back and we will check that area through an MRI & Ultrasound to see what might be going on if it is still painful. IF it is still painful we will wait an additional 90 days, to allow my uterus to heal. If we are good to go we will discuss our conception choices, which for us is naturally or through implanting into the uterus. Once I get pregnant, we have to ensure that it's in the uterus once that is done, we are clear in that area. I will then go on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy being monitored through ultrasounds. Our first major goal is to get out of the 1st trimester, our second goal is to make it to 32 weeks and our final goal is 37 weeks without uterine rupture. Sounds like a plan with goals, huh? Just wait until you get past this sweet little image below. 

We got notification on Tuesday afternoon that the gaining Air Force Base in Japan (Misawa Air Base) has no valid denial box to check because I am currently not pregnant. They are very well aware that we will need high risk services in which they do not have, but since I am not pregnant they cannot deny us. So what does that mean? Well, there are actually quite a few options here, all in which three different bases at this point are looking into, but if we are pushed this way we have been advised to get pregnant in November/December when Gooseman arrives home (no stress there right?)... If I get pregnant, boom orders are cancelled and we move to a different base stateside or stay in California even though our stuff will be on the way to Japan. A second scenario, if we find that I am pregnant within the first month we are there they move us back to the states or "stork nest" only me in Hawaii or a slim possibility Okinawa, Japan for the remainder of the pregnancy while my family stays there in Misawa.

The reason why everyone and their third cousins are looking into this situation on the Air Force side is because the closest hospital that can deal with ectopic pregnancies or uterine rupture in Misawa is about an hour away from where we will be at and this hospital has the reputation to just "do" what is needed without communicating with the patient or flat out reject helping the patient...OBVIOUSLY...that makes us all a wee bit nervous. Even though we can't see the logic in all of this if Misawa Air Base is where we are called to that is where we will go, but we know that it will be stressful with possibly moving us or stork nesting me. At this point, our back is against the wall and we can only truly allow God to work here and that is what we are praying for, will you join us in praying for this situation? We are praying for open ears & hearts along with an overall clarity for everyone involved and for God's plan to show through in all of this.