Welcome Home Goose


On Monday, July 7th we not so patiently waited to welcome home Goose after a 9 months of being away on a 12 month remote tour. The girls were so excited I could barely keep them tamed. A lot of their time was thankfully preoccupied by the bubble guns I got them before getting there and a lot of their other time was spent looking up to see who was coming down. 

While we were waiting a gentleman who came down from his flight asked me if their Dad was away serving in the military and with hesitation, I said yes, he's been away for 9 months and he pulled out this "Thanks-A-Bunch" card (it's pictured below) and he gave it to me and said Thank You for Families service. This Thanks-A-Bunch card is basically a $50.00 gift card for us to dine at participating restaurants for those who serve. 



This card is such a sweet way to give back to Military Families and I say that because being a Military Family is not a flag I fly. In fact, I keep the fact that we are a Military Family pretty quiet to keep my traveling Military Man safe and because I know that every time Goose re-enlists I know we are making a cognitive decision to do so, but it does not make living as a Military Family any easier, so the fact that someone took a leap of faith to approach a stranger in Los Angeles International Airport to say thank you made this so much. If you're ever looking for a way to give back to a Military Family, but are unsure of how check out Thanks-A-Bunch website to see how you can say Thank You! 


We seriously cannot wait to eat out as a family thanks to an unknown man in LAX and this organization.