I'm not a professional speaker by any means. I am more of a professional talker that's willing to be transparent and vulnerable about my journey in life and my relationship with God. I believe that in the sharing of the raw and messy parts of life, trauma, and faith that God can do great things. I have a down-to-earth speaking style that makes women at home, but still causing them to wrestle with where they are at in their life and faith journey. 

My 33 years of life has been anything but easy from childhood, sisterhood, adulthood and motherhood I have lived through circumstances that would shock most of you, make some cry, possibly make you laugh, and in the midst of it all (and after many years of wrestling and personal growth) I have found that my ultimate hope and faith is in God and the plan that He has for my life. Without what He did on the cross and what He's allowed me to go through I would not be who I am today. God has given me a passion is to encourage women during dark seasons and offer hope to those who feel lost, or are hurting and unsure of God's love for them. Reminding each of them of a foundational truth that He will never leave us...no matter how dark it's gotten. 

My prayer is that throughout my time writing & speaking is that each heart can allow the healing power of Christ into their lives. I pray that each heart can hear and find the comfort that they have been longing for from Christ. I pray that each is able to take what I share and allow God to overtake whatever situation that they are so that they can grow, feel encouraged and live out their faith daily and fully in His will. 

I would love nothing more than to speak about:

  • Battling trauma, fear, and anxiety.
  • The wisdom & healing of God's allowed mess. 
  • God's glory in our unexpected path of motherhood.
  • Creative entrepreneurship, social media & digital marketing and women in business.

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