How is your family made up?
At the age of 71 years old my sweet Grandmother (from Blackville, South Carolina) started to raise me. I have 5 half brothers and sisters, but was basically an only child due to me coming along so late in my parents life. The Traveling Airman and I got married in July of 2005 and for 3.5 years we walked a journey of infertility. In late 2008 we found out I was expecting. We then had our 1st daughter Emma in Aviano, Italy. October 13, 2009 I experienced my first ectopic pregnancy, we call that pregnancy Max. In October 13, 2010 I experienced another loss, this time a miscarriage, we call that pregnancy Ethan. After many prayers and a high risk pregnancy we welcomed in our 2nd daughter Ellie in August of 2011. Just when we thought our family was done God surprised us with another blessing. This sweet blessing ended due to an ectopic pregnancy, we call this pregnancy Samson. After 22 months of waiting we started journeying through a high risk pregnancy that ended up in our 3rd daughter, Adeline.

What happened after the birth of Adeline?
10 days postpartum I experienced a massive blood hemorrhage that resulted in an open hysterectomy. 

What types of births have you had? 
I've experienced 1 pitocin induced birth, 1 natural birth and 1 C-Section.  

My husband is in the Military, are all the wives crazy? Will I always feel lonely?  
Yes and no? I'd like to say we all have our moments of crazy. Um hello 12 hour shifts of your husband's being at work and you're stuck with a colloquy baby...if that doesn't do it to you I don't know what will. But really, on a serious note, there are really nice, sweet, funny and loving wives out there. Love others well, but start relationships slowly. As far as the lonely part, it will'll look up and think um who are you husband? But I want to encourage you to step up and start showing you care or start leaving notes for your spouse so you can at least have communication back and fourth. The best advice I was ever given was "The Air Force comes and goes, but your's forever". 

Do you still design?
I do, it's a passion that I will never give up, but I currently am not accepting new clients.

Why did you decide to close your design shop? 
This was the hardest, but yet easiest decisions I've ever made. The hardest because I love to design...especially if it's for a cause, but it was laying heavily on my heart to close it. I truly feel that God is leading me into a new season, where I don't need to hide behind my works.  

Why did you stop trying to fit it all in?  
Therapy. For those who don't know I am in therapy after my near death experience. Since that experience I have struggled with panic attacks and anxiety. I have learned that saying yes or remaining busy can keep you from healing and it can also compact into further emotional troubles later on. Now I guard my schedule so that I am not over booking or wearing myself thin. 

What is the hashtag #sunsittingseason about? 
I started this hashtag after my near death experience. My OB who first noticed the signs of PTSD suggested that I take myself and my baby out and sit in the sun...or to even open up the blinds and sit in it. During this season where I've been sun sittings it's given me great truths through spiritual counseling, therapy, and yoga. 

Can I send you something from my business/company/shop?

Heck yah! I can't promise to blog or share it on social media, but I'd be super blessed by that. Please email to get our PO Box address.

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