My Multiple Pregnancy Loss Story:

This is my story of multiple pregnancy is not the loveliest of stories or the easiest paths to walk, but what it has done for my heart, my soul and my walk with Jesus is where I get comfort that these losses were to change me and for me to use my story for his glory. I know that if you're there now in the beginning moments of your loss no matter what number of loss that it may be, I am sure it is hard for you to understand any positives right now, trust me I know. But please know there have been many sleepless nights, tears shed and "are you there God?" moments that I have had that have gotten me to where I am at today. There have been many ways that I have coped sometimes not the best ways like eating Kit Kat's but other times I have written and sometimes not, always public, I have also read and read and sometimes I have even searched for a community of those who have lost their sweet babies. If you're in that moment of just knowing that someone has been there take a moment and read around my blog, hopefully you can find comfort that someone else has been in similar looking shoes close to your situation.


My experiences from the days my children went to heaven: